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John Martins was a precious help not only for getting me to know Hex and PulseChain but also for helping me with the technical details for transfers between wallets which for me was something new. Once he spent almost 1 hour helping me via videocall all this without ever asking me for nothing in return. I hope you reach all the dreams you have because you deserve it. Wish you a lot of success! 

João Carneiro - Professor, Portugal 

Investing into crypto has scared me for years since I saw many friends lose all of their investment when investing via third parties who promised a diversified investment portfolio and benefits, but ended up going bankrupt, losing all the capital of their clients along the way.  John Martins guided me through all the steps to buy crypto and manage my own account and passphrase. This made me feel more comfortable and secure in my investment strategy. John Martins is for me a trusted advisor in the sense that whenever I decide to buy or sell specific cryptos, he shows me how. I can’t recommend him enough!

Jessica Esteves - Commercial Manager Financial Crime Compliance / Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Spain

John Martins helped me how to understand very well how cryptocurrencies work!

Nelson Lopes - Professional driver, France 

Hello I have a great pleasure to witness and at the same time to thank you for the help you have given me by advising me and helping me in the investment I made during this year. Thanks to your help, many of my doubts and fears are part of the past and today I am the first to advise your person to advise and help us with investments as the results are very favorable. Best regards.

Nuno Pais - Accounting firm owner, Luxembourg

I was very glade to know John Martins, he was helping me to understand how works the cryptocurrencies he support me in all the steps how I had to do to buy my first cryptocurrency! Yes it was the Hex!! but was well also the others like Ethereum, etc… In the beginning I was terrified about put real money in something that I don’t see in my hands! That is the truth!! But John Martins started explain me how I must do and I start follow his YouTube videos and website! I was with a lot of questions and he stay there for answer to all and helped me by videocalls and explain all the process! After 1 year following John Martins I already win some money!! Yes it’s true is possible what I regret is not invest more when I start!! But like John Martins says in the beginning is like this!! Today I’m very happy by following all tips of John Martins!!  And today I can understand how it works the cryptocurrencies and I’m feeling more prepared to continuing investing and of course I ask John Martins how to do it because John Martins is an expert in this!! John Martins thanks for helping me winning money. 

Nuno Pereira - Business owner, Luxembourg

Thank you so much John Martins for showing me the world of cryptocurrencies and of course the excellent cryptocurrency Hex that pays me daily my salary just in interests thanks John Martins!

João Marques - Restaurant owner, Belgium 

The world of cryptocurrencies was something that I had only read on the Internet, thanks to John Martins I was able to understand better about them, I was even able to make an investment that generates profits every day.

Alejandra Rodriguez - Nurse, Germany

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