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Info for Software Developers

Are you a software developer for Android devices? If yes welcome to our GO Store!

You can register an GO developer account for only 1 time fee of 10€ and publish as many Android apps you want and there is no annually subscription or renewal fee

Rules for the apps you develop 

All Android apps available for instal on the GO Store are free but developers are allowed to provide a Premium paid version ( you as a developer need to program the gateway payment yourself it is your entire responsibility and not GO Store app )

Why create an GO developer account?

You can easily publish to about 2 billion active Android devices so GO Store app enables you to grow to acquire a global audience for your apps and games and also earn unlimited revenue from your Premium paid version

---> Prices don't include VAT (17%)

Info for GO Store app users

If you have an Android device great just instal our GO Store app it is free and take as many free apps. It is possible that some if not all free apps available also have a Premium paid version where you can unlock more extra cool features. Just search for websites where you can find our GO Store app logos like the ones below


Page still under development!

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